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Soul Whisperer

Revival Whisperer

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Revival Whisperers!    "Out of Tasmania will come a revival which will sweep Australia and affect the ends of the earth!" Old words whispered and re whispered from one generation to the next. A longing held within the soul. Revival Whisperers staying captive to Tasmania, hoping for the living of their whisper. I love Revival Whisperers. I love their faith and share their…
Why did we raise our kids in church?

Why did we raise our kids in church?

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  My husband didn't grow up attending church on a weekly basis.  He went twice a year.  Every Easter and every Christmas. So why did he choose to parent differently? Was it simply because we are pastors? If we listened to all our critics over the years our kids were supposed to turn out rebellious, chain smoking druggies, having sex with…

Wanted: Executive Pastor

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We are looking for the right person to become our Executive Pastor at Tailrace Community. It's a key leadership position and we are searching for the right person who has a heart for ministry and well as strong business and management skills. We are also open to offering a paid traineeship so that a person with the right qualities could…
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