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Join Us!

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Join Us! We Need To Find The Right People! We have a number of important positions available at Tailrace Community in Launceston Tasmania and we need to find the right people. Tailrace Community is a church that is much more than a Sunday church and we are looking far and wide for the right team members to join our team…

Are You Living the Dream?

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Are you living the dream? The dream that only comes when you discover who God has made you to be and what He has put you on this earth to do? Each of us have different passions, different experiences and different strengths. These and other factors all contribute to making you the unique person who you are. And they are…
Soul Whisperer

Revival Whisperer

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Revival Whisperers!    "Out of Tasmania will come a revival which will sweep Australia and affect the ends of the earth!" Old words whispered and re whispered from one generation to the next. A longing held within the soul. Revival Whisperers staying captive to Tasmania, hoping for the living of their whisper. I love Revival Whisperers. I love their faith and share their…
Miracles of Jesus:  Dealing with Violence

Miracles of Jesus: Dealing with Violence

The Introduction: The one thing the miracles teach us is that we matter to Jesus.  We matter to the Father…