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"I Do."

A decade of saying, “I Do”

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I can’t believe A decade of saying, “I Do” has passed.  Who would have thought our little dream would find its way. Eleven years ago some friends and I sat around a table and together we began to imagine… We imagined a church that delighted in marrying people, where we danced and jumped up and down with joy.  Where we sang out…


Lesser versions of Friendship

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It is easy to settle for Lesser versions of Friendship. When Tim and I went to India to spend time with with our good friend Jossy it felt good. It felt good to champion what he and Jenny had built since the last time I had visited. I loved seeing how little mustard seeds of faith had grown into great…


2017 is a very special year for us

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2017 is a very special year for us – it marks 10 years since we built the Tailrace Centre. That 10 year period has been without doubt the most difficult 10 years of my life. We have faced so many challenges on so many fronts.  From major health issues, to being faithful in adverse circumstances, to the complexity of pastoring in…

Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017 We are so excited and I mean really excited. Our first Grades 6 – 8 Summer Camp…

Warrior Night

Warrior Night

You are invited to Warrior Night. We believe that our Warrior Night is one of those nights that every little,…

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