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Discovering Belovedness

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Discovering Belovedness isn’t always easy. I was so nervous.  We had friends coming around for dinner and we had to resolve some communication that had gone wrong.  I love these friends.  When I think of the word beloved I put these friends in that basket…dearly loved. Hurry often steals understanding. So we had invited our friends around for a meal…


Why I Believe In Ministry Internships

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“The ministry internships have opened up so many opportunities for me. They challenge me to live out my faith as well as grow on a continual basis – trying to be more like Acts 2 disciples every day!” “… the challenge of growing in my faith and character to becoming more and more like a disciple. Challenged to grow as…

"I Do."

A decade of saying, “I Do”

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I can’t believe A decade of saying, “I Do” has passed.  Who would have thought our little dream would find its way. Eleven years ago some friends and I sat around a table and together we began to imagine… We imagined a church that delighted in marrying people, where we danced and jumped up and down with joy.  Where we sang out…

Warrior Night

Warrior Night

You are invited to Warrior Night. We believe that our Warrior Night is one of those nights that every little,…


The word Magnify means to make something appear larger than it is, to increase or exaggerate the importance of something...…

Find Your Tribe:  Love Them Hard

Find Your Tribe: Love Them Hard

Find Your Tribe:  Love Them Hard is our next Sunday Series. March 5th:  Tim O'Neill Does God speak to a Tribe? March 12th:  Tim O'Neill Syncing my personal vision with a tribal vision. March 19th: Guest Speaker -…