2 Great Church Leadership Workshops Coming Up

By July 6, 2018Acts 2 DNA

We are delighted that we have 2 great church leadership workshops coming up soon.

Let’s face it, many in church leadership are tired of the routine of doing church, rarely seeming to make headway into their local community. It’s easy to get bogged down in programs that maintain the status quo and then find that we are no longer making the main thing, the main thing.

One couple who attended a workshop about a year ago has said:

What the workshop did for us was to help us re-focus and move forward with fresh vision and strategy. The workshop brought life to us and to our church. The information was great without being overwhelming. The ideas and tools we were introduced to were practical and useful. And the time to work through how we will apply what we discovered in our own church context was priceless.

 One year ago, this couple were on the verge of quitting. It’s been incredible seeing how much they and their church have benefited from the workshop. The two workshops are:

The DNA of a Disciple Making Church – 23 to 25 August
(for existing churches wanting to transition to be more effective at reaching their community and making disciples)

The DNA of Church Planting – 27 to 29 September
(for prospective church planters wanting to be equipped with the thinking and tools to successfully plant missional churches.)

Join UsThe 2 great church leadership workshops will be held at the Tailrace Centre in Launceston Tasmania, the home of Tailrace Community Church and will begin at 12 noon on a Thursday and conclude at 1pm on the Saturday. We time it like this so that interstate guests have time to fly in and out on this days.

The cost of the workshops is $295 per person. This cost covers all meals for the duration of the workshops. Please note that some denominations / movements are happy to financially help out with the cost of attending.

These workshops will not only expose you to thinking and research, but to strategies and tools that will help you to plant a new church or lead your church to me more missional effective. Where possible we highly recommend that you bring a team member with you so you can work through ideas, strategies and issues together.

We recommend that workshop participants book accommodation at Tamar River Villas, which is conveniently across the road from the Tailrace Centre.

You can read more about the workshops by clicking on the following links. You can register for the workshops by clicking in “registration”.

The DNA of a Disciple Making Church – 23 to 25 August Registration
The DNA of Church Planting – 27 to 29 September Registration

If you would like more information about the 2 great workshops for church leaders and planters please don’t hesitate to  email me.

Tim O’Neill