About Tailrace Community

People Matter!  Families Matter!

We have deliberately kept our web site simple.  Tailrace Community is a community focused church and our heart is to learn how to love God, ourself and our community.  If this is your journey we would love to invite you to share this journey with us.

We first started meeting in 1994 with a view to taking the good news of Jesus to people who had never heard nor understood it, wanting to then together go on a journey of growing in our faith and in how we came to follow Jesus.

We are part of a broader movement of churches, known as A2A or the Acts 2 Alliance. This is a movement of churches that is committed to helping it’s churches be vibrant and authentic, like the first church described in Acts 2 verses 42 to 47.


This was a church that was filled with people who were passionate about living out their faith in an honest and transparent way and was engaged with the broader community in such a way that it enjoyed their favour. It was also a church where that the people comprising the church:

  • were hungry to grow in their faith (Growth)
  • were empowered by the Holy Spirit (Gifts)
  • were outrageously generous (Generosity)
  • were committed to coming together regularly in both large and small gatherings (Gatherings), and
  • were carriers of God’s grace (Grace).

That’s the kind of church that A2A churches, including Tailrace Community want to be like.


To see more of what we have to offer to the community please visit  Tailrace Centre and Kids Paradise.

  • Pastors:  Tim and Sharon O’Neill
  • Children’s Pastor:  Kelsea Clingelefer and Allana Biggs
  • Youth Pastor: Kelsea Clingelefer
  • Eldership:  Liz and Rod Jesson, Emma Morgan, Wendy and John Griffiths,
  • Apprentice Elders:  Jeffrey and Sarah Ross, Kelsea Clingleffer

We meet together for our weekend services Sundays at 10am at the Tailrace Centre, 1 Waterfront Drive in Riverside Tasmania. You are welcome to come and join with us there!

If you would like to know more please contact us.

Child and Youth Child Safe Policy