Are You Coming To The Next DNA Intensive At The Tailrace Centre?

By May 18, 2016Acts 2 DNA

Every year we run special Leadership Intensives at the Tailrace Centre for leaders teams, and people who want to prepare for Christian leadership.

Over the last two years, over two hundred church leaders have attended the DNA of an Acts 2 Church Intensives and Workshops. This June Sharon and I will be holding an Intensive over 2 days that will explore the core values and distinctives found in the church in Acts 2. This is a blueprint of what church can and should look like, and we should take notice of it. Often as leaders we aspire to lead a church to be like this, but don’t have the strategy or intentionality to make it happen.


This Intensive will help you with this.

During the Intensive, we will be identifying core principles from the church in Acts 2 and ten providing ample time for participants to discuss and plan how they can implement these principles in the churches they lead today.

Feedback from participants from past Intensives has been amazing, but even more pleasing has been seeing leaders make positive changes in their churches as a result.



Here are 5 good reasons why you should consider coming to this Intensive:

  1. You will not only be envisioned as to what a New Testament church looks like today, but the Intensive will help you to develop a plan as to how to get there.
  2. You and the leaders that you bring will have ample opportunity to work through the principles and planning together, so that when you go back to your church, real traction can take place.
  3. The thinking that you are exposed to in relation to what church should look like, how we can make authentic disciples, how we can reach people, and what the key aspects of New  Testament leadership are will not only challenge but envision and equip you and your team.
  4. DSC02772Your paradigms will be stretched by seeing how Tailrace Community tries to connect with people who would not normally go to church. We don’t suggest that others copy what we are doing, but we delight in seeing so many from around Australia and other countries catching their own God given vision as to how they can use their facilities to connect with their local communities.
  5. You will enjoy wonderful hospitality and have a great time, listening to stories that will move your hearts and having a great and supportive time of fellowship with new friends on similar journeys.

So when is the Intensive on? 

It commences midday Thursday 23 June and concludes midday Saturday 25 June. This gives time for leaders to arrive on a Thursday and get home by Saturday evening, ready for church on a Sunday. Alternatively some will choose to make a holiday of it in beautiful Tasmania, perhaps even coming along to out 11am Sunday service.

Where exactly is the Intensive located?

It will be held at the Tailrace Centre in Launceston Tasmania, the home of Tailrace Community, formerly known as New Directions Community Church.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $275 per person or $500 per couple. This includes all meals during the Intensive from Thursday lunch to Saturday Breakfast. A comprehensive workbook will also be provided.

Where do you stay?

We recommend Tamar River Villas, which is across the road from the Tailrace Centre. They have rooms from $95 per night and can be contacted on 03 63272626.

What have others said?

We have many great testimonials from people who have attended. Following is feedback from Phillip Mutzelburg, President of A2A (Acts 2 Alliance) and former Chair and President of Willow Creek Assn Australia.

“Becoming the kind of church community that reflects the dynamic of the early church is absolutely essential if we are to do the mission Jesus commissioned us for. The DNA of an Acts 2 Church intensive will envision and inspire you to get serious about your calling. If you are serious about being an authentic minister of the gospel, sign up today and claim the date so that you are informed and equipped to serve effectively.”

How do I reserve a place?DSC09600

You can register for the Intensive by following the link here.

If you want more information

Contact Tim O’Neill on 0419582781 or email


Tim O’Neill

ps – hope to see you at the Intensive, and if you can, bring some team members!