Are you ready to start the journey?

By October 31, 2017Acts 2 DNA
DNA of Church Planting April 2018.001

Are you ready to start the journey to plant a church; a new work to be a shining light in your community?

Australia needs more churches; healthy, life giving churches like the church we read about in Acts 2. That was a church where we are told that people were passionate about their faith, and this flowed out to infect all around them.

They loved hanging out together and doing the journey of life together. No one was on their own. Outrageous generosity and a commitment to allowing God to use them in amazing ways were hallmarks of this church. In fact this church and the people who made the church what it was were so engaged in a loving and practical way in their community that they enjoyed widespread favour, with the result that many more were saved and added to their number every day. Every day!

Thats the kind of church we need to see dotted across our nation today.

To see new works like this established, we need to see men and women who God leads to establish the new works, take the plunge and put up their hand and sat “pick me!”.

OK, then what?

One of the first steps you can take is to discover more about what it means to plant a new church and how to go about it. You’ll get equipped with valuable information, strategy and skills as you do this.

Another important step is to be assessed to ensure you are a good fit for church planting. “Did God really call me?” “Am I wired to be able to lead a church plant?”, “Is church planting really for me?”.

And then if you decide to take the plunge to plant a new church, you’ll need to be coached. Coaching is essential. A good coach will help you work through the issues you need to work through, issues like finances, gathering a team, developing a launch strategy, working out how you will connect with people and make disciples of them, and more.

A great place to start the journey to discover whether you are called to plant a church and how to go about it is in the church planter workshops we run.

The next DNA of Church Planting Workshop will be held at the Tailrace Centre in Launceston, Tasmania commencing at 12 noon Thursday 27 September 2018 and concluding at 1pm on Saturday 29 September.

At the workshop, we will be exploring topics that include:

  • how to tell if you are wired to be a church planter
  • exploring different models of church planting
  • how to engage with and reach your community
  • how to put in place an effective disciple making strategy
  • steps involved in gathering a launch and core team
  • how to gain momentum before you launch
  • developing a church planting strategy

The cost of the workshop is $295 per attendee. This includes all meals from start to finish. For accomodation, we recommend Tamar River Villas, which is across the road from the Tailrace Centre.

You can register for this workshop here. If you want more information, please don’t hesitate to email me here.

Perhaps you might feel that planting a new work is something you are called to do. If so, book your place at the workshop and come and get equipped. Even if you feel a faint stirring about the possibility of planting a church, I encourage you to come along.

Who knows what amazing journey God may want to take you on!

Tim O’Neill