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What does the Bible say about Baptism?

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Baptism isn’t a new thing. It has existed for about 3,500 years; 1500 years before Jesus. But it took on a new significance with Jesus. Ritual immersion in water, or baptism, represented a powerful and frequently used religious symbol in ancient Israel. It was a ceremony to symbolize purification and the removal of sin and was sometimes used as an…

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Why I Believe In Ministry Internships

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“The ministry internships have opened up so many opportunities for me. They challenge me to live out my faith as well as grow on a continual basis – trying to be more like Acts 2 disciples every day!” “… the challenge of growing in my faith and character to becoming more and more like a disciple. Challenged to grow as…

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The Ugly Power Of Intimidation

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Intimidation is such a powerful weapon, but it’s not a godly weapon to use. It’s an ugly weapon that uses power and fear to manipulate a person. Intimidation speaks to us: “you aren’t good enough” “you’ll get hurt”  “you’ll fail” “you’ll be laughed at and ridiculed” “you won’t be accepted”   Intimidation is a tool of evil and it is wielded…

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How Good Is Good Enough?

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How good is good enough? It’s a question that many wonder without knowing the answer from God’s perspective. Jesus hit this issue head on when he told a story in Luke 18:9-14 about 2 men who entered the temple.    One was a highly religious person. He went to the temple out of duty and out of show; he wanted to be…

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