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A Defining Moment For Our Team

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“Definitely!! I think more teams should come with their leader. Attending this Intensive has been a defining moment for our team.” That’s how one senior church leader responded when asked whether he would recommend the DNA of an Acts 2 Church Leaders and Teams Intensive. Another responded that he wished that he had learnt 30 years ago what we covered in…

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The Risk and Adventure Of Faith

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Faith involves both risk and adventure. Probably no one experiences this more than leaders. But leaders, don’t worry, others have experienced the highs and lows of leadership before you, and there is much that we can learn from them. Here’s my journalling (SOAPing) today from the leadership adventures of Moses in Numbers 14. Scripture So they said to one another,…

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Give us courage

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Give us courage was the cry of the disciples! In the heady days of Acts, their was much opposition to the followers of Jesus and the message that they brought. And so they prayed. They didn’t pray for protection or for the threats to come to nothing. Instead they prayed for courage; for boldness. And that’s what God gave them….

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What The World Needs

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No one had never seen anything like it before. It was exactly what the world needs, a community of people who were there because of Jesus, were devoted to God and through whom the Holy Spirit worked powerfully. No wonder they were filled with awe and those around them stood up and took notice! The church age had begun. It…

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The Power of Prayer

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Here’s a great idea to boost your prayer life! I so much believe in the power of prayer. Some people love praying for people, promises and outcomes day in an day out. I have to confess that I’m not one of those people. I love praying with the burden and focus that scripture enlightens by the Holy Spirit brings. I…

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Workers For The Harvest

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As a great leader, Jesus had already prepared the way for his disciples to follow. He left heaven to come and preach the good news. Then in Luke 9, Jesus sent his “A”Team” out to do likewise. They were like his spiritual special forces, having walked with him and trained with him. And now Luke 10 tells how it was…

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Being Naturally Spiritual

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I was reading the other day and was challenged to be someone who others would look at and see as being naturally spiritual. Not kooky spiritual, but being a naturally spiritual person. The book said that often we go around looking for people who are open to us and receptive to a spiritual message, when in fact if we are…

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