Wanted: Executive Pastor

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We are looking for the right person to become our Executive Pastor at Tailrace Community. It’s a key leadership position and we are searching for the right person who has a heart for ministry and well as strong business and management skills. We are also open to offering a paid traineeship so that a person with the right qualities could…

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Will you pray for our youth?

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The kingdom of God is present in our youth. One of the beautiful activities that Jesus performs on planet earth is bringing lost souls into proximity to his heart. He loves to be close to the broken hearted, the one that is lost. I love the words of Trevor Hudson, “Many people believe that Jesus is far more interested in…

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Wine Bottles

Wine bottles

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  Wine bottles stand empty on the counter… Corks lay strewn across the bar… The effervescent sound of champagne uncorked on a summer’s evening has ceased. Guests greedy for love, life and laughter have drunk the plump fruits offered by the hearty reds. Wine glasses sit on the tables,  their empty bowls a memorial to an evening of joy. The sound of…

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What’s bringing joy to my heart?

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Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we shed the idea that life is joy. We begin to spend our days looking for the recipe that will make our life rich and full.  The search for satisfaction niggles away at our soul. I looked up the synonyms for joy the other day and discovered to my amazement these words:  wonder, delight, elation, satisfaction, fun…

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Discovering Belovedness

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Discovering Belovedness isn’t always easy. I was so nervous.  We had friends coming around for dinner and we had to resolve some communication that had gone wrong.  I love these friends.  When I think of the word beloved I put these friends in that basket…dearly loved. Hurry often steals understanding. So we had invited our friends around for a meal…

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When grace is needed

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I hate it when I feel rejection. When grace is needed but all I offer is rejection. I hate what it does to my insides. My mind races with conversations, sentences, comebacks and clever lines. I want to point the finger but am aware that pointing back at me are four other fingers each saying, “You’ve done it too.” I wish I…

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How Good Is Good Enough?

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How good is good enough? It’s a question that many wonder without knowing the answer from God’s perspective. Jesus hit this issue head on when he told a story in Luke 18:9-14 about 2 men who entered the temple.    One was a highly religious person. He went to the temple out of duty and out of show; he wanted to be…

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