Miracles of Jesus: Dealing with Violence

By June 24, 2018Sunday Services
Miracles of Jesus: Dealing with Violence


10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Tailrace Centre


The Introduction:

The one thing the miracles teach us is that we matter to Jesus.  We matter to the Father and we certainly matter to the Holy Spirit.

The miracles show us over and over again the current reality is not the only reality operating.  There is a reality outside of the seen reality.  This reality is powerful, it is fire, it is love.

Over and over again Jesus performs miracles to show we matter to him and his power is outside the confines or our reality.

June 24 Dealing with Violence

Have you ever been so hurt by someone you just want to hurt them?

Have you ever felt so betrayed you just want to hurt them back?

We don’t often think of grace as being violent but there is nothing more powerful than the violence of grace.

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