Acts of the Holy Spirit

By March 31, 2019Sunday Services


10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Tailrace Centre


Acts of the Holy Spirit

We are exploring the incredible actions of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts.

This week we explore:


March 31st:  The Power of Being Sent

The stories of how the Holy Spirit sent people to be a light in the world, to take love to the people who were troubled, and seeking are captivatingly beautiful.  This Sunday we explore how the Holy Spirit sends people to love.  

April 7th:  The Power of Unity

God has power to unify particularly when there is a threat to seperate and for division to arise.    How does he do this?

April 14th:  The power to transform.

Acts is full of stories of transformation and this our 25th Birthday Sunday we explore stories of transformation.  We celebrate the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

April 21st:  The power to write Acts 29 today. ( Easter Sunday )

Easter Sunday gave permission for the Holy Spirit’s invasion of planet earth.  The Kingdom of God is unstoppable, present and available.

April 28th:  The Power of Prayer

We look at what it means to pray and how a life long journey of prayer impacts our life.


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