Irresistible Church

By October 20, 2019Sunday Services
The Irresistible Church02


10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Tailrace Centre


Long before there were Christian Scriptures, there were Christians—men and women whose faith began with an empty tomb. These eyewitnesses to the resurrection experienced an event so extraordinary that it changed their lives and what they gave their lives to, forever…

On the large stage today there are a lot of meaningful and exciting conversations  about the purpose of church and how as disciples we are to live.

We always live out of what we value…

This series we explore the 4 core values to Tailrace Community.

October 6th:  Can’t Hold Us Back (growth)

October 13th:  Unstoppable Love (serving via gifts and generosity)

October 20th:  A Fellowship Of Differents (Gatherings and Connecting via Hospitality)

October 27th:  The Divine Mandate (Grace – Go and Make Disciples)

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