Jesus: My Story

By January 28, 2018Equipping, Sunday Services
Jesus: My Story


10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Tailrace Centre


Over the past 6 years Tailrace Church has been implementing a new way of discipling.

Longing to see men and women be like Jesus, living in the footsteps of Jesus.

This January, in our Sunday worship service two interns and two emerging adults will share their journey with Jesus.

What does it mean for them to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ in 2018?

Experience their engagement with Jesus and what it means for them to try and live out being a disciple of Jesus Christ?

7th Jan – Lachlan Jesson –

will be sharing why he chose to do schoolies week in South East Asia. Why and what did he want to learn from kids his own age (18 +) who are church planting in one of the hardest mission fields on the planet?   How has this aspect of training impacted his understanding of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?

14th Jan – Jeffery Ross –

a graduating intern will be sharing his journey from atheism to being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  As a new Christian how is his life changing as he grapples with the whole question of how to follow Jesus.

21t Jan – Michael O’Neill –

will be sharing what it means for him to be a disciple of Jesus in media.   Rated by Screen Producers Australia as one of Australia’s emerging producers to watch in 2017 there are constant challenges.  How is he navigating those challenges and expectations?

28th Jan – Mathew Groom –

another graduating intern will be share how being a disciple of Christ has given him strength and courage.

4 Men, 4 Stories of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

All 4 men are wrestling with what does it mean to not seperate or assimilate but to live engaged with life and love as a disciple.

It is easy to seperate and to live life in a bubble.  To not engage with the complex ideas and thoughts shaping culture today.

It is also easy to assimilate.  To become so like our world that there is no difference…to party, to engage in our world’s sexuality, to worship on a Sunday but live as our culture lives Monday to Saturday.  That is easy…

But to live as a disciple of Jesus is to wrestle with who he was.

Maybe you’re evaluating 2018 and wanting to engage with Jesus in a different way…

You are wanting to go deeper.

Can we encourage you to:

a) Let these 4 men share their simple stories and hear what the Spirit might be saying to you through them.

b) Prayerfully ask the Spirit if he is leading you to engage with any one of the following discipleship processes:

  1.  Be an Intern at Tailrace.
  2.  Participate in the DNA Workshops
  3.  Join the Emerging Leaders Initiative (Eli)
  4.  Engage in one of the Discovery Bible Groups.
  5.  Sign up for  ICI Bible College

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