Lanterns of Grace

By July 14, 2019Sunday Services
Lanterns of Grace


10:00 am - 11:30 am

The Tailrace Centre


Lanterns of grace is our new series.

These days the word Christian seems to evoke as many negative reactions as it does positive ones.

There is a dialogue happening within our culture which is good.  As Australians we are talking about things which we have never talked about before.

People from all walks of life are talking about Christianity in unprecedented ways.  Whether it be our history with child sexual assault to how we love in every day ways Australians are talking about what they want to see in Christ followers.  In the eyes of many of our fellow Australians our lives are often perceived as being more lacklustre than compelling, ore contentious than kind, more self centred than servant like, more fickle than faithful, more materialistic than generous, more proud than humble.

As forgiven, loved and Spirit filled people we want to love and to be beautiful lanterns of grace.

In Acts, our credal verse, it talks about a quality of life being so rich, their worship so genuine, their life together so deep and their neighbour love so palpable that they were “having favour with all the people” and the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved ( Acts 2:47)

In this series we begin to unpack what it means to be Lanterns of Grace.

Come on a 4 week journey and discover some handles which will help you be Lanterns of Grace

Week 1:  What does it mean to be a lantern of Grace?

Week 2:  Where would Jesus occupy in my world?

Week 3:  What would the Kingdom of Heaven look like in my world?

Week 4:  What have the giants of faith before me done?

Sundays at 10am

Tailrace Centre

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