How to Really Love your Child!

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How to Really Love your Child

Parenting is one of the greatest challenges we have in life.

Jesus’ command, “To love one another…” can be a real challenge when it comes to parenting.

It is not that we don’t love our kids it is that we find it hard to communicate to children in their language that they are unconditionally loved.

Children communicate emotionally and it can be hard at times to know how to communicate to them our heart of love.

In this series we look at 4 topics:

May 5th    Children reflect love.

Children are mirrors. As the moon reflects the sun, children reflect love, but they do not initiate love.

If we don’t give love they have none to return.

Many children do not feel genuinely loved by their parents but there are very few parents who do not dearly love their children.

Children are emotional beings who communicate emotionally. They use their behaviour to translate their feelings to us. The younger they are the more they will do this. You can tell what is going on in a child’s mind simply by watching them.

May 12th  A child’s anger and what its all about.

Like steam in a kettle, anger must come out some way.

Children only have 2 ways to let off steam verbally or with their behaviour. Both ways make it difficult for a parent to know how to respond properly.

One of our greatest responsibilities as a parent isn’t to simply respond to anger but to train our children in how to handle anger.

May19th   How to discipline your child!

Most parents seperate love from discipline and think discipline = punishment. Punishment is maybe 2 – 5% of discipline.

The first step to having a well disciplined child is filling up a child’s emotional tank so they know they are unconditionally loved. a.

Discipline is training through every type of communication:
Guidance by example
Verbal Instruction
Written requests
Providing learning and fun experiences.

May 26th  Helping your child spiritually

The most valuable treasure we can pass onto our children is possessing a foundation upon which we to base our lives and that can withstand the test of time – something that will support us through every phase of living: adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, old age, marriage crises, energy crises, financial crises, children’s crises. A foundations which will work in a rapidly changing society in which spiritual values are swiftly eroding.

This is the greatest gift we can give to our children.


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