Wanted: Executive Pastor / Business Manager

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We are looking for the right person to become our Executive Pastor / Business Manager at Tailrace Community.

It’s a key leadership position and we are searching for the right person who has a heart for ministry and well as strong business and management skills.

About Tailrace Community

Tailrace Community is a church that is innovative in how we can connect and engage with the broader community in a way that takes the love of Jesus and His good news to those who do not know Him.

We are a church that is shaped by the Great Commission and the Greatest Commandments, which are reflected in our mission and vision statements. Our mission is to make disciples who will change cities and impact nations, and our vision is to be a people who love as Jesus would.

Our core values come straight out of the description in Acts 2 of the first church, which we believe God has given as a blueprint for churches to contextualise down through the ages.

Version 2Tailrace Community owns and operates the Tailrace Centre, an innovative community centre that we built for the broader community as a way of meaningfully engaging with them. The Tailrace Centre is comprised of a conference and events venue, a family cafe / restaurant and Kids Paradise, an indoor children’s playground.

We employ around 30 permanent and casual staff. All staff are expected to reflect the value that people matter, which is a paraphrases of the new commandment that Jesus gave us; that we are to love one another as He has loved us.

We do not differentiate between church and business activities, believing that God has positioned us for ministry 7 days a week, using a wide range of activities to reach out and minister to people well beyond the weekend service. We have come to see that many ministry opportunities are only available when the church positions itself in the market place, where people are going about their every day business.DSC06420

Extending hospitality to all, whether we agree with them or not, is a key element of what we do.  We are inspired by the church in Acts 2 where  people “ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.” (v 46b, 47)

Why We Want An Executive Pastor

The executive pastor / business manager will be the main interface between the senior pastors and the managers of the different areas of operation. This will involve working with the heads of the kitchen team and front of house as well as key accounting, admin, marketing and service personnel to ensure that service is being provided in an appropriate way, that revenue targets are reached, expenses are well managed and controlled and that appropriate financial and management information is being provided in an accurate and a timely manner.

Key to this will be being able to implement and maintain systems and practices that take information from across a range of information systems. At present we use Xero for accounting, Ivvy for bookings, Kounta for front of house and Deputy for rostering.

The successful applicant will also have very good people skills and be able to live out the value that people matter, whilst being able to manage staff and expectations.
It is essential that this role is seen as a ministry and not just a job as the activities that we engage in through the Tailrace Centre are all conducted with the objective of creating opportunity to see people embark on a faith journey.

Depending upon the gifts and qualities of the Executive Pastor, various activities that are seen more traditionally as ministry activities may also be engaged in, however the priority in relation to this position will be in seeing the activities of the Centre function well as mentioned above.

Position Description

The main objectives in relation to this position are:

  • To work with the Senior Leaders in strategically putting the vision of the church into action so that the identifiable measurable outcomes can be achieved.
  • To mentor and equip team leaders to that they can mentor people in their teams, lead their teams effectively and strategically plan their ministry areas.
  • To work with ministry and event leaders to co-ordinate Tailrace Community Events.
  • To oversee the compliance and good governance of Tailrace Community.
  • To ensure that each ministry has a tangible strategy with measurable outcomes and to continually review and overview these strategies.
  • To see financial goals set for the operations of Tailrace Centre and to hold team leaders accountable for the achievement of the set goals.
  • To develop budgets and oversee finances in conjunction with the accounts officer and the board.
  • To overview the various accounting and information systems to ensure that accurate information is presented in a timely and useful manner.
  • To monitor cost control with particular attention to wages and cost of sales, holding team leaders accountable to set targets.
  • To ensure that the value “People Matter” is reflected throughout Tailrace Community.
  • To assist in seeing the Disciple Making Strategy set by the Senior Leaders and board reflected and implemented throughout Tailrace Centre.
  • To help develop and strengthen the brand of Tailrace Centre and Tailrace Community.DSC01868
  • To develop partnerships with the local community and to ensure that our strategies incorporate the needs and desires of the local community.
  • To provide human resource management to all paid staff within Tailrace Centre and to ensure compliance with all industrial relations matters.

Experience Required

Ideally the successful candidate will have a strong track record and experience in all of the above.

Next Steps

For more information or to explore this further, please contact either: