Generosity is a way of Living

Living big hearted is how we believe Jesus wants his disciples to live.

We are trying to live out the following verse from Acts:

“They sold their property and possessions and shared the money with those in need.”

Acts 2:47

How can you practice the spiritual discipline of Generosity?

By bringing your tithes and offerings

We do not take up an offering but you can bring your tithes and offerings and place them in the post box in the foyer of Tailrace Centre or you can direct deposit into the Tailrace Account:

Acc Name: NDCCInc
BSB: 067 003
Acc No: 1000 4274

Current Giving for 2019:  78,225

Our Goal for Giving for 2019: 240,000

By Giving Generously

Unconquered Project – Building a Sanitary Pad Factory in India

Raised to date:  $50,000

Our Goal:  Another $40,000 for a second factory.

2019:  $1730

or donate at

By Paying It Forward

Tailrace Cafe provides $1 from every meal towards the following causes:

  • Syria
  • Unconquered.Love
  • Work with No Barriers Program

Purchase a meal and Pay It Forward.

From January – May:  $1943

 Work with No Barriers Program

Getting a job is more than just a piece of paper.  It is about having skills, confidence and experience.

Our Work with No Barriers project is aimed at helping people experiencing

  • Language and cultural barriers
  • Disabilities and health issues
  • Life barriers
  • Learning difficulties
  • Woozy confidence

If you love seeing people go from feeling useless to useful then please be a part of our Work with No Barriers Program

Raised to date:  $0

Our Goal:  $20,000


Donate to the WWNB Program


We love our CAP DEBT Centre.

Let me tell you some amazing facts about this service:

  1. In 1 year 5 of families are on their way to being DEBT FREE
  2. In 1 year 2 families have become DEBT FREE
  3. In 1 year 20 volunteers have been recruited and trained
  4. In 1 year we have partnered with 6 organisations to bring proximity to clients
  5. In 1 year 10 support workers have been recruited and trained
  6. In 1 year 7 families are about to sign their way to being debt free

All of this with only 1 staff member who volunteered 2 days a week to get this service off the ground.

You can be a part of this by donating to the CAP DEBT Centre:

Acc Name: NDCCInc
BSB: 067 003
Acc No: 1000 4274

Just mark it CAP Debt Centre

CAP DEBT CENTRE – helping people get out of debt.

Raised to date:  $2650

Our Goal:  $10,000