Tailrace Community is filled with people who have experienced this most amazing thing called Grace. Over half of the congregation are new believers.

That is they have discovered Jesus Christ for the first time, have been baptised and are growing as a disciple of Jesus.

Our hearts desire is to see people become a disciple of Jesus.

all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.

Acts 2:47

Here is Jeffery’s story

I only came to faith two years ago, and in that time my life has being transformed completely.

My life before placing Jesus in the driver seat was broken, lost, and I almost gave up hope that there was any point to it all.

Like most people I looked for answers where I could find them. I tried to fill my life with success by a having or at least pretending to have a successful business.

When I failed at trying to be successful and looking like I had it all together, I turned to things that would help me to numb the pain like gambling, alcohol and prescription drugs and pain killers.

I was very depressed, lost and a very angry person who was on the edge of divorce, being bankrupt, losing my relationships with my family and friends. I was in serve chronic pain from an existing injury, and it got the point serval times where I just wanted to end it all, or I had extreme anxiety attacks that put me in the hospital.

I was literally at the bottom of my barrel; my back was against the wall.

I tried everything in this broken world towards finding the answer towards a happy joy filled life.

Well, I thought I had.

I hadn’t given God a chance, so I decided 2 years ago to give my life to Christ (I will share my story of how I came to faith another time – just know that if want to come to faith and follow Jesus with me you can, and I would be happy to help you if you wanted that help).

Now I have shared what my life was like before coming to faith, and I am certain that all most everyone reading this can relate to this kind of life in one shape or another.

Since I gave my life to Christ, I now have a marriage which has been completely transformed. I am truly madly deeply in love 😍 with my beautiful wife Sarah – I love how we have partnered up to help each other in all areas of life.

We have gone from being almost bankrupt to having a very successful business that supports us fully. We have gone from being supported by Centrelink payments to paying ourselves and becoming self-sufficient. We have also paid out all of our debts and this month we bought a brand new 4wd. We are now we are saving up to buy our first house.

I am now enjoying a life pain-free because God helped me out and healed me through a miracle. The doctors wrote me off and said there was nothing they could do for me and I would need to learn to live a life of chronic and severe pain…

My relationships with my family and friends have never been better.

Sarah and I are on the leadership team at our local church as apprentice elders, and we are interns studying to become church planters and pastors.

I am living a life that is fulfilled and very joyful.

All this has being made possible because of my relationship with My Lord Jesus Christ.

My life has been completely transformed. Romans 12:2 comes to mind.

I love what Christ has done in my life and what I see him doing in others.

If you are struggling to live life in a broken world I encourage to seek out a life with Jesus Christ.

If you are hungry to learn more about this, I would be more than happy to have a chat with you and help you towards following Christ as your lord and saviour.

Jeffery Ross