Practicing the spiritual discipline of growing into the likeness of Jesus Christ is important.  We believe that it is both training and the power of the Holy Spirit that brings about a transformed soul and life.

The passage we are trying to train ourselves in is found in Acts 2:42: “All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord’s Supper, and to prayer.”

SOAP – Read the Bible

We believe that reading the bible daily and reflecting on how it applies to your life is the no.1 practice you can put into place to help you connect with God and transform your life.   In fact research shows that you won’t be any different to the culture in which we live if you don’t read your Bible at least 4 times a week.

We encourage each other through a shared reading plan called SOAP.

This plan takes you through the stories of the Bible over the course of a year.

The plan calls for reading between one to three chapters of Scripture a day from three separate chapters

Discover the Soap Reading Plan and being training to become like Christ.

Emerging Leaders Pathway

The Emerging Leaders Pathway consists of 4 main components:

  1. Fortnightly, a Leadership Lifter over breakfast between 7:30am and 8:30am where we will explore leadership principles that you can apply that day.
  2. Monthly, a 2 hour mentoring meeting where we will be exploring business issues and strategies, your unique wiring and life purpose, your family / work balance and your personal growth. 
  3. Monthly, we will give you a podcast from an acknowledged leading thought leader or practitioner to listen to, glean from and reflect upon.
  4. Quarterly, you will be invited to an evening event with a guest speaker who has walked the talk for an inspirational business or leadership Q&R.

Discover more about the Emerging Leadership Pathway
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Study with ICI

(the A2A Pastoral Leadership Development Program)

ICI College Australia is a leader in Theological Distance Education.  We encourage members of the congregation to study.  This year we have had about students studying with ICI and they have loved understanding the Bible in a new way.

Studying with ICI is part of the A2A Pastoral Leadership Development Program.


Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI)

ELI is a two year group coaching program conducted by A2A nationally to help young and emerging leaders develop the skills and character required for ministry ministry.

During the 2 year program, participants will be coached in six key ares to further develop their leadership gifts, and will gain lifelong relationships, experience, exposure and understanding that will be invaluable for future ministry service.

•Academic – All ELI participants will study 6 approved tertiary level theological or ministry related subjects over 2 years.

•Leadership – Eight challenging leadership coaching sessions will be held and participants will be linked with personal mentoring options.

•Practicums – Four practicums will be held during the 2 year program, focusing on the overall ELI pathway and A2A culture.

•Roundtables – There will be 4 thought-provoking roundtables held during the 2 years. These will take the form of guided discussions led by the highest level of experienced practitioners covering a variety of topics.

•Worldview – This exciting Canberra based 3-day event will provide important and relevant insights into our national heritage and conduct of government in Australia.

•Character – This once in a lifetime event will promote character coaching through a fantastic team-building wilderness experience.

You can read more about ELI here.


Discovery Bible Groups

At the heart of what it is to be a disciple is our desire to follow Jesus. Our Discovery Bible Groups are ideal training grounds for people who want to grow in their faith, learning and living out what it is to be an authentic follower of Jesus.

Through the Discovery Bible Groups, you will also learn how and be encouraged to become a disciple who makes other disciples.

If you’d like more information about Discovery Bible Groups, you can email Tim O’Neill here.