Kids Stuff: Focus – Take a closer look

Kids Stuff: Focus Take a Look Closer

Kids Stuff:  Focus Take a closer look

Kids Stuff:  Focus Take a closer look is our theme for today.

It’s getting closer…we are hoping Kids Stuff will be happening at Tailrace in term 3.

We will continue with the online program but hopefully from term 3 we will be offering an amazing face to face program.  We’ve missed you all and can’t wait to see you again.

Pre school Program

The bottom line today is that we can all believe in Jesus.  Every single one of us can believe.

Primary School Aged

When Jesus comes into our life he promises to never leave us.  The Holy Spirit comes and lives on the inside of us and he helps us to love other people.


Pre Teen Experience

We can believe not because of what we can’t see but because of what we can see.  God is everywhere making himself visible we just have to look.