Kids Stuff – May 11th

Kids Stuff: May 11th

Kids Stuff – May 11th

Welcome back to Kids Stuff

So good to see you and have you here.  I hope you remembered to wish mum a very Happy Mother’s Day.  Don’t forget to treat her with joy and love today.  Do some kind things, things she won’t expect and watch how she lights up with joy.

Pre Schoolers you have an amazing story today.  The bottom line is God has a plan just for you no matter what is happening.

School aged kids here is your story

The Holy Spirit is here for you.  He has amazing gifts for you and one of them is the Holy Spirit who is always with you helping you.

The bottom line is:  God gives you what you need to keep going.


Pre Teen

Here is your story.  Jesus followers can do amazing things because of the power of the Holy Spirit.  When things seem too hard or complex the Holy Spirit can help you.