Kids Stuff: Focus take a closer look

Kids Stuff: Focus Take a Look Closer

Kids Stuff:  Focus take a closer look

When we see things from God’s eyes we see things differently.

Welcome to Kids Stuff as we explore faith.

Kids Stuff:  Focus take a closer look

This week’s bottom line is:

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Pre Schoolers

Jesus is alive and he is friend to and to me forever.

This is one of the most wonderful truths you can ever learn.  Be encouraged the Son of God …Jesus is alive and he wants to be your friend.

Primary School Aged Children

Knowing Jesus changes the way you see everything.  He brings different colour, different thoughts, different attitudes.  You will see people, and the world in a different way when you know Jesus.

Pre Teen Experience

Focusing on God will help us to see things totally different.  God has a totally different perspective on life.  So when we focus on what he thinks its amazing how differently we begin to see things.