Kids Stuff May 17th: Keep going

Kids Stuff 17th May: Never give up

Kids Stuff May 17th:  Keep going even in tough situations

Good morning kids.

Not long to go and you’ll be back at school with your friends.  I bet you can’t wait.

Today’s stories are all about how when tough things happen God is still there with us and we are to keep going.  He loves us.  Because of his presence and his love we can keep trying to do big stuff even when it seems impossible.

Enjoy your stories today.

Pre Schoolers

God loves you no matter what so you can love others too.


Kids Stuff

Bottom Line is:  Keep going even when it get’s tough.

We look at a pretty tough situation Peter got into and how the Holy Spirit helped him through.

It’s a great encouragement to all of us to keep going even when its tough.

Pre Teen Experience

When something is important it is worth to keep on going no matter what.

Today’s story is all about a pretty tough situation and yet the disciples kept on going.