Welcome to Tailrace Kids!

Sunday’s 10am – 11:15 am

Check in Opens at 9:30am

*Currently Suspended Due to COVID-19*

About Tailrace Kids

At Tailrace Kids we’re passionate about creating a soulful environment for kids between the ages of 3 and 12. We want to create a place where kids can discover who God is and how he wants us to live. We love to create fun and teach kids how to have fun with others. Tailrace Kids is a great place for kids to make new friends and learn how to be a good friend to others.

Online Services

At the moment we are unable to meet on a Sunday due to COVID-19, however we are posting content for the kids every Sunday at 9am on the Tailrace Community Facebook Page. 

Or you can catch up at the bottom of this page!

Our Time Line

9:30 – Check In + arrival activities

10:00 – Program Starts + We Head into KP

10:05 – Games + Activities

10:20 – Story Time

10:30 – Small Group Chats

10:40 – Craft and Activities

11:00 – Free Play

11:15 – Program Ends + We Return to Big Church


*This is a rough time line. Some activities may go longer or shorter depending on the week. Start and end always remain the same.

Contact us

We would love to get in contact with you!

Phone: 6327 4538

Stay Up To Date

Head over to the Tailrace Community Facebook Page to stay up to date with what’s happening at church!

Make sure you’re following the Tailrace Kids Instagram account (@tailracekids) to keep up to date with all things kids church!

Meet our Kids Team Leaders!

Meet Alana Barker!

Alana, or Lala, is the lovely woman on the left and has the biggest heart for children! Alana has a pastoral role at the Tailrace and is also our amazing Kids Paradise worker. She runs and oversees many of our kids programs including the School Holiday Program and our Baby and Toddler Sensory Programs! You’ll often find her chatting with mums and cooing over babies…

Meet Liz Jesson!

Lizzy is the gorgeous woman in the centre of the photo. Liz works for A2A and is passionate about family. Liz’s favourite thing in the world is when her family is all together and she loves helping people become passionate about their own families. She loves the joy of children and loves empowering parents to be the best they can be.

Meet Sharon O’Neill!

Sharon (on the right) is one of the Senior Pastors at Tailrace and is passionate about advocating for children. She loves bringing creativity, fun and safety into the lives of children and loves to speak positivity into their lives.

Indescribable: Your creator has no limits

Kids Stuff: Indescribable – God created you for Purpose

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God created you for Purpose This month we look at how Indescribable our Creator is.  Our Creator has no limits. Every single one of us different.  We are all created uniquely and wondrously.  This month we are going to spend some time looking at this amazing God and his creativity. Parents have a watch and discover some of the wonderful…
Kids Stuff: Focus Take a Look Closer

Kids Stuff: Focus take a closer look

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Kids Stuff:  Focus take a closer look   Preschoolers Jesus is alive and we can tell everyone about it as well.  He is alive. https://vimeo.com/showcase/7198485/video/424934959   Primary School Give everyone a chance even when they are nothing like us.  If God can love everyone then we can too.  We can love everyone even if they look different, sound different and…
Kids Stuff: Focus Take a Look Closer

Kids Stuff: Focus – Take a closer look

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Kids Stuff:  Focus Take a closer look Kids Stuff:  Focus Take a closer look is our theme for today. It's getting closer...we are hoping Kids Stuff will be happening at Tailrace in term 3. We will continue with the online program but hopefully from term 3 we will be offering an amazing face to face program.  We've missed you all…
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