Transitioning to be a disciple making church

By August 9, 2017Acts 2 DNA

How can our church transition to be a disciple making church? That’s a question many church leaders are pondering at the moment. And what exactly does it mean to be a Great Commission Church?

The heart of the great commission Jesus gave us was to make disciples who would make disciples. But what does this look like, and how can we set about doing this?

Growing churches have generally discovered keys to attracting a crowd and growing as a result. But there is a big difference between attracting a crowd and making disciples. The two don’t need to be mutually exclusive but too often are.

We will be running a workshop to help you address these questions and more, and to help you and your team to plan next steps in bringing about change.


The DNA of a Disciple Making Church Workshop will be held at the Tailrace Centre in Launceston Tasmania, the home of Tailrace Community.

It will commence midday 23 August 2018 and run through to 1pm 25 August 2018. Cost for the workshop is $295 per person. All meals and catering for the duration of the workshop are covered by this fee.

We recommend Tamar River Villas, which is across the road from the Tailrace Centre for convenient and inexpensive accomodation.

During the workshop we will be working through topics that include:

  • engaging with the broader community by using our facilities wellIMG_7476
  • innovative ways to connect with those outside of the church
  • effective ways in which we can share our faith
  • simple steps we can take to disciple people
  • training to help the whole church become engaged in sharing their faith
  • leadership principles that will help simplify and focus leaders to be more effective
  • practical lessons that we can learn today from the church in Acts 2
  • understanding how to gather people into authentic biblical community
  • simple steps to help turn members into ministers

If you would like more information about the DNA of a Disciple Making Church Workshop please don’t hesitate to call me on 0419582781 or  email me.

If you would like to reserve a place at the workshop, you can register online here.

Tim O’Neill,
Senior Leader Tailrace Community,
President A2A (the Acts 2 Alliance)