Discovering Belovedness

By February 5, 2017Soul Care, The Table, Uncategorized

Discovering Belovedness isn’t always easy.

I was so nervous.  We had friends coming around for dinner and we had to resolve some communication that had gone wrong.  I love these friends.  When I think of the word beloved I put these friends in that basket…dearly loved.

Hurry often steals understanding.

So we had invited our friends around for a meal to try to offer the gift of belovedness.

They arrived and the food was cooking.  I bought a cheese plate outside for us to enjoy.

I thought that the hard of the conversation was going to happen after the meal but to my surprise my husband initiated it before the meal. When conflict exists coming to the table can be a part of the day we dread.

He wanted to speak plainly and simply without agenda.  He wanted our friends to see his heart.  To see that they were dearly loved, that the communication issues didn’t change his heart towards them.  What mattered was that they knew that right wasn’t the issue friendship was the issue.  That he wanted them to know he loved them.

Life at the table is powerful.

We can’t hide our hearts at the table.  We can’t be someone we are not. The table forces us to do real, to be present.  It somehow unveils us and reveals us.  As we sit at the table and look into one another’s hearts we see each other’s broken and our mistakes and our humanity and somehow it doesn’t really matter.  All that matters is the offering of the gift of belovedness.  Not “what can we offer each other” but “Who can we be for each other.”

It is so easy for us to allow hurry to shape our conversations, thoughts and relationships. Yet when we sit at the table all of that seems to disappear and all that is present is the one in front of me.  The one who I can find loveable.  I can see them as they truly are.


Seeing is what we really want isn’t it?

To be  known, to be seen, to be accepted and to be loved.  We all have that question, “If all those who love me could see me and know my innermost self would they still love me?”  Its a question that pierces our soul and has us running around doing all sorts of things to answer that question.

We all want to be beloved.

On this evening when my heart thumped with fear and nervousness I discovered yet again the power of the table.  That coming together around the table gives time for us to communicate heart, love and to embrace one another’s belovedness.