What’s bringing joy to my heart?

By February 28, 2017Soul Care, Uncategorized

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood we shed the idea that life is joy.

We begin to spend our days looking for the recipe that will make our life rich and full.  The search for satisfaction niggles away at our soul.

I looked up the synonyms for joy the other day and discovered to my amazement these words:  wonder, delight, elation, satisfaction, fun and happiness.  As I was reading them I was aware of a resonance within my soul.  These words were describing how I was feeling on the inside.

What’s bringing joy to my heart?

What’s going on?

Where were the sounds of soul fatigue or soul frustration?

There are many reasons why my soul sounds the way it does at the moment but one reason is because of a little practice that I have been implementing.

It’s done in secret

Takes but a moment of time.

Brings so much joy into my heart and I hope it cherishes the heart of another.

And I don’t have to be enough!

The practice I’m talking about is praying for 50 girls.   A girl and a bit every day of the month…

A little whisper sent… “Hi, how are you?  I’m praying for you today, is there anything I can pray for?”

As my little requests find their space in the hearts of those I cherish and love, I’m finding that my soul has entered a space of joy.

Joy is described as “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying.”

My soul feels the sound of wonder as girls respond with their heart.

Their cherished dreams and hopes…

Their brutal real and honest lives offered up for prayer…

The whispers of help from the divine…

Somedays I simply want to skip and dance as I watch Jesus entering their real ordinary lives with extravagant love.  In the last 6 weeks He has provided  3 jobs, a visa application, hope restored!   I’ve seen the beauty of souls emptying themselves of hurt, broken dreams. Hearts numbed by the hard and stretch of life finding their world erupting with hope, love, connectivity and support.  Somehow the one little prayer carries with it the ability to bless, to engage the exquisite extravagance of the supernatural.

For me it is exceptionally good and satisfying to love this way.

It’s such a little thing…

There is such a restfulness to living life this way…


To simply choosing to reach out and embrace a heart and try to love.

A learning to walk in the rhythm of inviting extravagent love into each other’s lives.

As parents we chose to discipline our children by catching them being good.  It made parenting fun and delightful.  What I love about this relationship of sending a prayer request, receiving a heart, and presenting the heart and the girl I love to Jesus, is that I get to  catch Jesus in action in the ordinary of life.  I get to watch his extravagant love.  I’m sure this is why my soul is filled with so much joy.

He is not numb to our ordinary lives.

He is not disinterested

He loves to break open his warm sunny heart of joy and interrupt our life with his extravagant love.

So here’s my invitation.

Will you find someone you love and ask them, “How can I pray for you?”

Then get ready for a joy ride as you see the extravagant love of Jesus enter into the ordinary life of another and your own.

We all have broken hearts, we all struggle with not being enough but love is easiest to get into hearts that aren’t enough, perfect and together. We can all pray and care for another by bringing our not enough’s to Jesus so that he can be our enough.

Some of you reading this might be going – well I’m not sure about this Jesus.  I don’t think it matters because Jesus responded and extended extravagant love to people who believed in him and people who didn’t.  All along his invitation was taste me and see.  I think if you’re unsure he would simply say, “Pray, love one another and see if I don’t explode into your life and the one you love with extravagant love.”

Let’s not pray for friends in our homogenous huddle.  Let’s not just pray for those who have this Jesus figured out. Let’s send of our little prayers of love to all of humanity. Because if there is one thing I know it’s that all of humanity could do with extravagant love. The ordinary being interrupted. A release from having to have it all together, to being enough, to being perfect.  We can’t bless ourselves, we were created to be blessed by others.  Its such a little thing to pray for someone but it unleashes extravagant love.

If you are reading this and you feel you need an explosion of extravagant love from the divine just contact me and I’ll add you to my precious list.  Once a month I’ll set aside a day to pray for you, to send you a little request and then bring your heart to the one who I know loves to explode with love.

So there you have it.

Now you know…

What’s bringing joy to my heart.