Hot air ballooning

By June 5, 2017Soul Care
hot air ballooning

One day my son and I went hot air ballooning.

We shivered in the dark, that coldest hour before dawn.

We kept reminding ourselves that it was going to be worth it.

The golden hues of the morning light began to touch our field…It’s light beginning to warm our bodies.

We were in Cappadocia, Turkey celebrating life!

My son had just turned 12…

Another milestone…

Another moment to say thank you for life.

We spent hours that day, softly sailing across the sky looking at sights too wondrous for words.

Sands of grain formed in the most wonderful and spectacular shapes and forms.

Contrasting colours vivid and sharp in the clear of early morning light.

Terrain unfamiliar to my heart’s home.

As the exquisite balloon that we were in was being filled by gas to make it plump and full, at the same time our souls were being made plump and full by breathtaking sights.

Celebration is gas that fills our soul.

It is utter delight and joy in ourselves, our life and our world as a result of our faith and confidence in God’s greatness, beauty and goodness.

Without celebration our souls shrink…

Becoming lifeless…


Acidic and vinegarish in taste…

A healthy soul is a soul that celebrates. That is able to see what is good and lovely.

To celebrate requires us to dance, sing, eat and give stories of life’s exquisite bounty.

Our hot air ballooning experience ended but celebration filled our souls.

Over dinner that night tales were told, stories shared, infectious boyish charm captivated the table.

A full soul overflowed filling others with life, love and laughter.

Because that’s what a healthy soul does.