Are you living the dream? The dream that only comes when you discover who God has made you to be and what He has put you on this earth to do?

Each of us have different passions, different experiences and different strengths. These and other factors all contribute to making you the unique person who you are. And they are all part of living the dream God has for you.

So do you you know who you really are; who God has made you to be, and what He has specially equipped you to do?

I was challenged to find the answers to these questions over 20 years ago, and so I began searching. I still remember the joy I felt when I crafted a statement that described what I felt to be my life purpose. The sense of conviction I had back then hasn’t wavered. Sure, I have finessed it but the substance hasn’t changed.

Today my life is an outworking of what God led me to discover in 1996. It’s helped me to increasingly spend time in my sweet spot, doing what I love doing, what I’m passionate about and what God has equipped me to do.

This kind of alignment doesn’t happen overnight. It involves a journey over the years as I was shaped, and you will be to. But knowing having an understanding of your life purpose is like knowing the end game. You gain an understanding of the ultimate contribution God wants to use you to make. This helps immeasurably in the many decisions you will make through life; whether to say yes or no to different opportunities, what strengths and gifts need to be developed, what risks are worth taking. The list goes on!

God will guide the decisions that we make and the paths we take, even when we don’t realise it. But He wants us to co-operate with Him, to help us walk in step with His Spirit rather than running off after or getting distracted by what seemed right at the time. Having an understanding of how we are wired by God and the work He wants us to do helps big time.

So what are the steps to doing this?

Step one starts with discovering how God has uniquely wired and empowered you. We have a simple way of helping you discern your natural gifts; the gifts that you have been born with and that have been shaped through life. This gives an insight not only into what you are good at, but what you are energised by doing.

Step two will help you to discover how He supernaturally empowers you. You will then discover how your supernatural gifts work hand in hand with your supernatural gifts.

Step three will be to help you to identify your passion. Actually I prefer to call it your burden. It isn’t just what you are passionate about, but rather what you feel compelled to do. If you aren’t yet ready to identify your passion or burden, at least you will be equiped to recognise it when it emerges, as well as what to do with it!

Step four involves pulling all of this together in a statement that describes your life purpose. As the Apostle Paul alluded to in Ephesians 2:10, we are all like unique pieces of art, individually created for a life that reflects the contribution God created us to make. We help you to discover what this life looks like.

Step five involves working out what all of this means and what the next steps might be. There are usually a number of ways that your life purpose can be lived out, so we help you to discover what these might be.

Over the years, one of my greatest thrills has been seeing people discover their life purpose, and make decisions to align their lives with how they come to understand God is calling them. In doing this, I have seen many make the change form living lives chasing success to living lives of significance where they receive the unfathomable joy that only comes from making a difference in the lives of others.

I have seen teachers find a new direction and housewives understand how they are already making a difference in others lives and gain new focus to become even more effective. I’ve seen a businessman develop an international ministry to business people and another achieve his dream of sewing his finance and expertise together to help and reach people in developing countries. And I’ve seen people in ministry realise they have been a square peg in a round hole and make changes so that they live and serve in their sweet spot.

This is a glimpse into just a few of the many stories of lives being changed and taking on new meaning and purpose as they discover their life purpose; their Ephesians 2:10 statement and take steps that result in them living the dream.

If you want to live the dream by working through the five steps we’ve talked about above, come to the workshop I will be running on Saturday 2 June from 8:30am to 12:30pm.

If you are in or near Launceston Tasmania, you can come to the Tailrace Centre in Riverside. If you don’t live close by, you can join in by webinar.  Either way you will need to register, which you can do using the registration form here.

There is no charge for participating in this workshop, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t register and embark on the journey to not only discover but live the dream God has for you!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions about the workshop.

Tim O’Neill
Tailrace Community Church