A Defining Moment For Our Team

“Definitely!! I think more teams should come with their leader. Attending this Intensive has been a defining moment for our team.”

That’s how one senior church leader responded when asked whether he would recommend the DNA of an Acts 2 Church Leaders and Teams Intensive. Another responded that he wished that he had learnt 30 years ago what we covered in the Intensive.

Running from Thursday lunch to midday Saturday, we looked at the current state of the church in Australia, and then explored why change to how we do church is necessary and unpacked what this might look like as we looked at the picture God has given us of the church in Acts 2.

As we did this, we talked about:

  • What the church today should look like with Acts 2 as a frame of reference
  • What disciples really look like, and how we can be faithful to the Great Commission in doing this more effectively
  • What New Testament church looks like and how we can lead our churches more effectively with this in mind.


While we did this, we heard stories from Sharon O’Neill real life stories of how we can extend God’s love and mercy to people who don’t know Him.

And we witnessed first hand one of the Date Nights put on at the Tailrace Centre, where volunteers from Tailrace Community look after and run programmes with kids in Kids Paradise while their parents enjoy a kid free date in the Tailrace Cafe / Restaurant.

Did the Intensive live up to the expectations that the participants came with?

73% of attendees said that the Intensive exceeded their expectations. When asked to score the Intensive between 0 and 10, the average score was 9.6 out of 10.

So would the participants recommend the Intensive to other teams and leaders?

Here’s what they say

Yes. Visual impact at Tailrace Launceston confirms everything taught and discussed.Yes. So we can all be on the same page with more caught than taught.

Yes, Provides sound biblical framework for personal and corporate growth, discipleship and maturing.

Yes. Because it takes us back to the basics or what it is to be a Christian in heart and soul, not the head, and gives strategies on how to expand this to others.


Yes. It’s a great resource / tool to help see and gain wisdom in what we aren’t doing and ways to combat and deal with this issue.

Yes. I thought the emphasis on getting back to the roots of the church is important for all leaders.

Yes. I think it is good for all Christians to be discipled and to understand leadership.





Yes. It is the fundamentals of building an effective church. And the more unity in our effectiveness the better. Churches on a common biblical path.


Yes. Because it helps to paint the picture of where we are at and what we can do to impact change and turn the trends and stats around.



Thanks to all those who came and participated and helped to make the Intensive such a great time for all!

If you are interested in finding out more about the DNA of an Acts 2 Church Intensives, or if you would like to find out details of the next Intensive, you are welcome to email me.


Tim O’Neill
Senior Leader Tailrace Community, &
President A2A