In 2020 we will give…


Make an impact!
Be a change!
Provide a light.

A lease of life, joy and hope.
Bringing change to not only our local community but to communities beyond.

A difference to our friends, our neighbour and those we may never meet.
A difference that could spark a generational impact.
In 2020 we want making a difference to be simple.


In a world which feels complicated our giving makes making a difference simple.

How you can give.

  • by text.   Simply text 0480018737 with the simple message “give”.  Access the tithly app on your smart phone, look for Tailrace Community.
  • by cash via the letterbox outside our Auditorium
  • by bank transfer to ND – Working Account 067-003-10004274


Current Giving for 2020:  $222,000

Our Goal for Giving for 2020: $327,600

In 2020 we will Give to

1.  Mental health care, by providing sport chaplains.

Bringing another level of investment to the game. Cheering our sports community both on and off the field by caring for the complete athlete body, mind and soul

2.  At risk kids and youth.

Bringing another level of care and support to families and teachers.

3.  Fun for kids during holidays.

Creating positive memories for kids and parents

4.  Help to those seeking financial freedom.

Some situations seem impossible we want to give hope through the CAP DEBT Centre and budgeting courses.

5.  Educating pastors in South Asia.

Fund 20 pastors who will change 20 communities in South Asia.

6.  To the infrastructure