Grow In Your Leadership And Ministry Potential

By January 2, 2019Leadership

We really want to help you grow in your leadership and ministry potential, so at Tailrace Community we’ve created Grow, a 10 month leadership and ministry development program running from March to December.

Grow is designed for men and women who want to go deeper and want to be quipped for leadership and ministry. It’s a program that blends regular group mentoring sessions with ministry experience, as well as providing the opportunity to learn from some amazing speakers and authors. You can see a brief overview of  the major components listed and described below.




Grow Components 2019.001Code of Conduct

All Grow participants will be agree to a Code of Conduct committing to each of these components as well as adhering to the Values attaching to the Program. Further details follow below.

Group Mentoring Sessions

Throughout the year, all participants will be required to attend and participate in the group mentoring sessions which will normally be run on Saturday mornings from 8am to 10am on the following dates. The exception will the Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Workshop which will be a Friday evening and Saturday morning workshop.

  • Mar   2 – A Biblical Blueprint For The Church
  • April  6 – Effective Disciple Making
  • May 11 – Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Workshop*
  • June  1 – Key Leadership Principles
  • July  6 – Understanding the Ministry and Leadership Development Journey
  • Aug  3 – Leading Small Groups
  • Sep  7 – Building High Performance Teams
  • Oct  5 – Putting In Place Healthy Boundaries
  • Nov  9 – Dealing With Conflict
  • Dec  7 – Playbook Strategic Planning

The Group mentoring sessions will cover a range of topics as above and will include an opportunity for discussion and review as to how each participant is progressing with the various program components.

Ministry Related Study

Study is an important component of Grow as we want participants to experience the discipline of biblical study as well as the learning that this will bring. We recommend that at a minimum the ICI unit “The Holy Spirit At Work In The Lives of Believers” be studied and recommend the unit “Hermeneutics” also be studied. These units come with excellent resource material and a flexible learning schedule. The cost per unit is approx $100 with an initial study enrolment fee of $30.

If the Grow participant is also studying elsewhere (ie at university), we are generally willing to exempt the participant from the ministry related study component.

Book Reports

There are 3 books that all participants will be required to read with the book reports being due as follows:

  1. Contagious Disciple Making by David Watson- 12 April
  2. 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell –  5 July
  3. Safe People by Cloud and Townsend – 27 September

The online form to fill out the book reports can be accessed here:


Podcast Big Idea

There are 20 fortnightly podcasts to be listened to. After each podcast, an online form is to be completed where you will describe what the big idea you got from the podcast was. We are not after a wordy report here. Instead it can be quite brief and expressed in a sentence or two.

The online form can be accessed here:

The list of podcast and the links to the podcasts is at the end of this document.

Please note that a number of the podcasts are actually videos.


Ministry Serving Experience

The Ministry Serving component is a critical aspect of Grow because the program isn’t just about teaching participants about ministry; it’s about helping you to experience and grow in ministry. That’s why it’s important that every participant serves in some ministry capacity. 

Coaching is a critical component attached to the Ministry Serving Experience. We will meet with each participant individually to explore the most appropriate ministry areas for them to serve in, for them to gain ministry experience.

We will then arrange monthly coaching sessions for you with a ministry leader who will review your progress, discuss problems you have encountered, future plans and will help you set goals and discuss progress towards meeting those goals.


Spiritual Practices

We would expect all participants to engage in practicing the 5G spiritual practices as contained in The Code and developing them into being life long habits so that we are not just trying hard to develop a stronger faith but training ourselves to do so.

The 5 G’s are:

  1. Growth – The believers were hungry to grow
    As a follower of Jesus I will commit to regularly engaging in scripture and in the spiritual practices that will help me grow personally and in my relationship with Him.
  2. Gifts – They were empowered by the Holy Spirit
    As a follower of Jesus I will seek to love God and others by serving Him with the gifts He has given me
  3. Generosity – They were outrageously generous
    As a follower of Jesus I will give generously to God’s work through the church with my time, talents and treasures.
  1. Gatherings – They were committed to gathering together regularly in both small and large gatherings
    As a follower of  Jesus I will commit to being part of our local church and being a regular part of both a small group and weekend gatherings run by the church.
  2. Grace – They were carriers of God’s grace 
    As a follower of Jesus I will be intentional about walking in God’s amazing grace and sharing His Good News with those who do not know Him as their Lord and Saviour.


Further Reading

Further reading by way of blogs and articles will be provided from time to time for further information and discussion.

Grow ValuesScreen Shot 2019-01-02 at 1.28.34 pm

We would expect that all participants commit to and seek to implement the
following 10 core values into their lives.


Applying To Join Grow

Application to join Grow may be made by using the online form at:

A fee of $150 will also be payable upon being accepted into the program.

I’m praying that Grow will be an amazing time for all participants and that it will provide the opportunity for you to grow in your leadership and ministry potential.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you require further information or would like to discuss the program.


Tim O’Neill
Senior Leader,
Tailrace Community