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By May 28, 2019Leadership
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If you have a leadership gift or calling, we know you want to grow in your leadership capacity.

You most likely also want to make an impact in the world around you.

We also understand you are  hungry to learn some key leadership thinking and tools that will help shape your success. That’s where the Emerging Leaders Pathway we are offering may be able to help you.

You probably already know that you need clarity, skills and understanding about how to lead better if you are going to leverage your leadership gift to get the results that you see but can’t quite grasp hold of. And this probably causes you to feel frustrated and stressed because you know that If you have a leadership gifting and call, you should be able to use this to kick the goals that you want to kick. To put it simply, deep down you know that you need to grow in your leadership capacity.

I understand the pressures you face as a leader and how hard it is at times to make the right decisions.

Unfortunately it goes with leadership, but there are simple things that you can put in place to help relieve yourself of this problem. and fortunately I’ve had some great mentors to help me along the way.Tim - 1

I’ve not only been involved in building successful businesses and ministries, I’ve been involved in the struggle as well. And as a mentor I’ve had the privilege of helping many find the kind of success that works for them and their family. 

That’s why I have designed and am offering the Emerging Leaders Pathway. It’s something I’m doing with the support of Tailrace Community because I’m passionate about seeing young and emerging leaders maximise their leadership potential without wrecking other parts of their lives like their family and faith lives to mention but a few.

So whether you are in business or ministry or some other form of leadership, I’m confident that I can help you grow as a leader as well as in the impact that you have.

But you have to be serious about wanting to grow and commit to being consistently engaged in what I’m offering in the Emerging Leaders Pathway. That’s my one big proviso.

If this sounds like something you’re after and if you want me to help you achieve the kind of success you are chasing, all you have to do is to join the Emerging Leaders Pathway and we’ll meet together so that your mentoring can begin within the month.

In the Emerging Leaders Pathway, we will identify the results that you want and work to see them become reality. I’m confident that it will help you become a better leader achieving the results that you have always wanted. If you find that the Emerging Leaders Pathway is not working for you, it’s not a problem if you decide to pull out at any time. It’s only worth your time and my time if you are benefitting from it. I only want you to do the Emerging Leaders Pathway if you grow in your leadership capacity and it makes a real difference in your life.

The Emerging Leaders Pathway consists of 4 main components:

  1. Fortnightly, a Leadership Lifter over breakfast at the Tailrace Centre in Launceston between 7:30am and 8:30am where we will explore leadership principles that you can apply that day.
  2. Monthly, a 2 hour Mentoring meeting where we will be exploring business issues and strategies, your unique wiring and life purpose, your family / work balance and your personal growth. 
  3. Monthly, we will give you a Podcast from an acknowledged leading thought leader or practitioner to listen to, glean from and reflect upon.
  4. Quarterly, you will be invited to an evening event with Guest Speakers who have walked the talk for an inspirational business or leadership Q&R.

Sound good? Then as if that’s not enough, as a participant in the Emerging Leaders Pathway you will also be invited to optional Sunday afternoon Encounter Q&R Sessions with leading national and international ministry leaders that we will offer every few months.

I’m confident that the benefits of participating in the Emerging Leaders Pathway will be enormous for you helping you to learn how to avoid the stress and frustration of wasting your potential, making mistakes due to poor leadership and having undue pressure on your marriage and family life. 

I’m also confident that you will 

  • learn leadership skills that you can practically implement,
  • identify changes that you need to make and discover how to make them,
  • attain clarity about strategy and next steps,
  • gain understanding of your strengths and weaknesses as well as being able to craft a life mission statement,
  • be on track to obtain the results that you hope to see.

Yes, there is a cost to you for embarking on the Emerging Leadership Pathway. The main cost is that if you join the Emerging Leaders Pathway, I want you to commit to engaging fully in what we do and making a commitment to come to the Leadership Lifters and Q&R’s and listen to and reflect on the Podcasts, and of course take part in the mentoring sessions. 

There is a financial cost as well. In the broader marketplace, people I mentor would normally pay approx. $1500 a month for what I’m offering through the Emerging Leaders Pathway. But because I’m passionate about helping young and emerging leaders in and around Launceston and because the Emerging Leaders Pathway is being generously offered through Tailrace Community we want to make it affordable to everyone. So for the next 3 months we are offering the Emerging Leaders Pathway at just $95 per month or $45 per month to members of Tailrace Community. 

By the way, there will be no charge for the first Mentoring Session, Podcast and Leadership Lifter so that you can try before you commit. If you aren’t sure if the Emerging Leadership Pathway is right for you, then book in for the first Mentoring Session and Leadership Lifter as a trial, and then decide if you want to commit to the Emerging Leadership Pathway.

I’m absolutely confident that all young or emerging leaders will benefit from the Emerging Leaders Pathway that I will be offering through Tailrace Community. However I can promise that you won’t benefit if you don’t engage, learn and put into practise what you learn through the Emerging Leaders Pathway. 

But if you do engage, and put into practice what you learn, then I’m confident that you will take big steps from struggling to know how to lead successfully whilst achieving a healthy balance between business, ministry and the other important areas of your life. And you will learn to leverage your leadership capacity so you can maximise your impact in all the areas that matter to you.

Call me on 0419582781 or email me at [email protected] if you want more information or to talk about the Emerging Leaders Pathway.

Hope to see and help you on the pathway to grow in your leadership capacity!

Tim O’Neill

27 May 2019


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