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Grow With the Ministry Internship Program - Tailrace Community Church

Grow With the Ministry Internship Program

By November 30, 2017A2A, Acts 2 DNA

Tailrace Community will again be offering you the chance to grow with the Ministry Internship Program in 2018.

Our Ministry Internship Program has been designed with maximum flexibility so that no matter whether you are working a normal work week, are a full time student or are taking a gap year, you’ll be able to fit in the Ministry Internship Program.

The Ministry Internship Program will not only accelerate your spiritual growth but help equip you as a ministry leader and to potentially take next steps towards ministry leadership.

How Will The Ministry Internship Program Benefit Me?

The Internship Program will help you grow in many ways, as well as being an important step in equipping you for ministry. Here’s what the interns form 2017 had to say about it:

I loved doing the internship for many reasons, but the standouts would be the growth within myself personally, and growth in my walk with God. Holly

The internship allowed me to grow in leadership, my relationship with Jesus, and understanding my purpose in life. Mathew

The internship challenged me to grow and be accountable in almost every area of my life including living out my faith as we are biblically called to do. Kelsea

The internship gave me a new sense of direction and purpose. Strengthened my faith and gave me the ability to hear and answer gods call for my life. Sarah

The Internship helped me to create a really solid foundation in my faith and in life,  I also for the first time in my life have a true Purpose [calling] for my life and the Internship helped me to learn how God has wired me so I can live my truest form as a child of God. Jeffery

How Does The Ministry Internship Program WorkTailrace Internship 2018.001

There are a number of components to the program that over the year include participating in 8 Saturday morning Group Mentoring Workshops, being involved in gaining experience volunteering in a ministry team, having monthly coaching sessions with your ministry team leader, studying 2 or more bible college subjects, reading 4 books and listening to weekly podcasts that are prescribed for you. All this will take an estimated 14 hours per week on average.

In addition to the above, we will be seeking your commitment to our ministry Code of Conduct, as well as a commitment to implementing our 5 core values of Growth, Gifts, Generosity, Gatherings and Grace.

Upon successful completion of the Ministry Internship Program, you will be presented with a Completion Certificate.

What If I Want To Go Further?

We have a range of options for those wanting to go further in their ministry development. These include:

Traineeships – Tailrace Community will be providing a Traineeship with a view to raising an Executive Pastor.

A2A Pastoral Leadership Development Program – Offering Theological and Ministry based education and workshops.

Emerging Leaders Initiative (ELI) – A 2 year national group coaching program for Emerging Leaders

New Works Church Planter School – Assessment, Equipping and Coaching to help successfully pioneer new churches.

Contact us if you would like more information about any of the above.

How Much Does The Ministry Internship Program Cost?

The Ministry Internship Program costs $150 per person for the year. This will pay for the 4 books prescribed as well as other incidental costs. Some podcasts may involve an additional charge. The study will also involve an additional fee which through ICI (recommended) is generally $100 per subject plus a $30 initial registration fee.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, you can fill out the online registration form here. If you want more information, you can email me or call me on 03 63274538 or on 0419582781.

The Ministry Internship Program for 2018 will commence on Saturday 3 March 2018 with an initial meeting from 8:30am to 12:00pm at the Tailrace Centre in Riverside, Tasmania.


Tim O’Neill