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We partner with Empart to bring transformation to 100,000 communities.

Empart start­ed with just a few and 21 years lat­er we have thou­sands of nation­al work­ers in the field, trans­form­ing thou­sands of com­mu­ni­ties. Each of our work­ers are sent out to help write new sto­ries of faith and hope. That’s 1 Mil­lion new sto­ries writ­ten so far.

Empart has ONE goal is to see 100,000 communities transformed in spirit and in truth by 2030.

Empart works in South Asia in a region where hundreds of millions have not yet heard what we are very keen to tell them. That there is hope!

Empart trains and equip men and women to be leaders in their communities. We send them out to bring about transformation, breaking the poverty cycle and bringing hope and grace.

Some of the projects Empart engages with:

  • Equipping Servant Leaders
  • Empowering Women
  • Nurturing Children
  • Improving Livelihoods
  • Restoring Health
  • Responding to Emergencies


Our unconquered project is about empowering women and girls through accessible sanitary products and menstrual education in South Asia.

Almost 250 million girls and women in India cannot afford hygienic sanitary products, nor are they aware or educated around menstruation. The Unconquered Project empowers local women to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads and to provide menstrual education – by women, for women.

We are setting up sanitary pad manufacturing units, led by local women who will manufacture, market and sell the quality but affordably priced products, along with providing community education.