Revival Whisperer

By April 13, 2018The Table
Soul Whisperer

Revival Whisperers!    “Out of Tasmania will come a revival which will sweep Australia and affect the ends of the earth!”

Old words whispered and re whispered from one generation to the next.

A longing held within the soul.

Revival Whisperers staying captive to Tasmania, hoping for the living of their whisper.

I love Revival Whisperers.

I love their faith and share their longing for humanity to experience God’s reckless love.

But when I hear Revival Whisperers begin to gather their whisper in definition, a part of me becomes anxious.

I become anxious for the acknowledgement of Jesus’ present reckless love.

Revival Whisperers are often  prophetic.

They prophesy about things to come.

Who can argue with the prophetic?

As soon as someone says, “God told me… ”  What can you say?  There is no comeback.  No room for an enlarged conversation, a more conversation, an added conversation.

Yet…as a pastor of a city, whose heart has been held captive for decades I think there are conversations, tones and styles that could be added to those tones, styles and conversations of the Revival Whisperer.

Conversations if embraced and allowed might allow us all to see a reckless love orbiting our world…now

My life is prophetic.

It is impossible to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ in a pluralistic, polytheistic society like Australia and not live prophetically.

I am like my sages… Daniel, Jospeh and Esther.   Ancients who I have modelled my work on. People from the ancient text planted in a culture that was like ours… polytheistic and pluralistic.  Places that were so  different to the place where I know the soul calls home.

Every time I enter the lions den for daring to speak up and point out against things that are not from the place that I know brings life to our soul, I am prophetic.

I too have moments like Daniel, where I point out the meaning of the words on the wall to people who are unfamiliar with God language.  In those moments of describing and explaining Jesus’ reckless love I am prophetic.  49% of Australians have no one in their life to have a spiritual conversation with.  So how can they read the writing on the wall unless there are Daniels who will interpret.

Every time I choose to pray, to love, to enter the furnace to simply be with… I am prophetic.

I love living prophetically!

I don’t struggle with the prophetic desire of the Revival Whisperers whisper to see our culture know Jesus’ reckless love for them.

I struggle with notion of revival not being present.

The totems which define the existence and presence of revival.

The totems that determine what falls within and what falls outside a move of God.

The measurement of success usually relates to gathering sizes, sound and styles of expression on a Sunday.

If I’m really honest I feel like I can’t enter the holy circle unless I embrace the exact totems and leave behind totems that I have found soul reviving.  I have to hush parts of my soul.  There are times when I talk to a Revival Whisperer and hear the words, “Not enough!” “You don’t understand!”  “God obviously hasn’t revealed to you what he has revealed to me.”

All of those things are possibly true.

There was a season in my life where I tried to live in the Revival Whisperer’s circle.

Where I tried to live with only the defined totems.

It left me feeling soul fatigued, my heart became disconnected with people who were different, my arms became empty of hearts to hold. My ego puffed up and pride stopped me embracing the breadth and the diversity of this beautiful gift called the church.  Grace and love stopped. Striving and boasting began.  I became restless and complicated.  I found my attitudes were far from those modelled by Jesus…”They don’t really get it!”   I was more secretive, less transparent.  My soul was dissatisfied and discontented.

The totems weren’t enough for my soul.

Jesus said, “What does it prophet a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

I was losing my soul.

“I was told to cast my net on the right side of the boat.”


When I cast my net on this side of the boat I began to see the presence of reckless love everywhere.

I saw revival life beginning with Jesus’ reckless love. This reckless love is being outpoured across planet earth here and now.  The Holy Spirit is sweeping the earth with love… Iran, Iraq, India…the ends of the earth.  Revival doesn’t begin and end with Tasmania it begins and ends with the person of Jesus Christ.  This Jesus who hung on a cross to bring revival to my heart and soul, to humanities heart and soul.

I saw the Holy Spirit wanting to make disciples and to teach us how to go fishing.

Fishing with open arms.  Allowing ourselves to be sent, to share, to talk, to interpret, to practically do.

I began to see the revival presence of God.

I am a pastor called by God to love the city I’m planted in just like Daniel, Joseph and Esther.

This weekend we celebrate 24 years of pastoring the one city.

I love watching God’s reckless love every day.

When I simply ask the question, “How can I pray for you?” a soul revives and God performs a miracle.

I know when I hug someone that other’s won’t hug the Holy Spirit shows up and a soul revives.

When I sit at the table, offer food and acceptance I know a soul revives.

I once had an elder of one of our largest churches say to me, “Sharon we are grateful for Tailrace because you take the people the rest of us don’t want but eventually they will want more.  Our church can give them more because revival will come through our church.  But don’t worry you will get some of the drops.”

I went home and wept.

75% of our congregation are first generation Christians.

They don’t sound like congregations who have stalked Jesus for generations.

They are souls coming awake.

Souls encountering Jesus Christ for the very first time.

I wept because I think Jesus’ reviving love is here and now.

We don’t have to wait.  God is here and He is good.

His love can’t be contained, or confined.   It can’t be measured or KPI’d.

We were once given a prophecy to “cast our net to the right side of the boat, and you will find some…”

So we did.

The fishing looks different.

“So they cast it, and now they were not able to haul it in because there were so many fish.”

If I’m honest my net is full and breaking with beautiful fish.

Fish craving Jesus’ reckless love.

From where I sit,  I  am overwhelmed by the volume of fish wanting soul revival.

I simply can’t find enough Daniels, Esthers, Josephs who want to be engaged.

I feel stretched.  Not in a way that is damaging to my soul. But stretched because I can’t hold the fish in the net.

There are too many.

I sometimes feel revival whisperers waiting…praying…talking about revival and sometimes I want to attend to what they attend to.  But then I look at my net and go if I do, I leave the net and the fish can’t be attended to.

A part of me wants to ask the question,

“Isn’t that revival?  When our nets are full?”

My conversation, the one I’m writing here isn’t exclusive.

It’s not the only conversation needed or wanted.

I hope I will be a revival listener as well as a revival whisperer.

The heart of the conversation that I want to bring to the table is:

“nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is in your midst.”  Luke 17:21
He is here, He is here and He is good!
His Reckless LOVE is reviving!