Shout Out: Let ’em know you are a grateful

By October 27, 2020Kids Stuff, Shout Out
Shout Out: Let 'Em know you're thankful

Shout Out:  Let ’em know you are grateful

Our New Series Shout Out:  Let ’em know you are grateful is about to start and we can’t wait.

Gratitude is letting others know you see how they’ve helped you.

Week One

What are you grateful for?


Week Two

We look at how David Dances in 2 Samuel 6:12b-22a as a creative way of saying thank you.

Here is the link:

Week Three

Why do people forget to say thank you?  This is what we are looking at this week.

Week Four

This week we look at all things which keep us from being grateful.

Week Five

This week we look at what helps us remember to be grateful.

Our memory verse for the month is:

Shout Out


Parent Cues for this Month

Morning Time

Leave a note by your child’s breakfast or on their mirror asking them, “What can you be grateful for today?” At the end of the day, ask them what they decided to be grateful for!

Drive Time

Ask your preteen a few questions as you drive. What keeps you from being grateful sometimes? When is hard to be grateful? When is it easy?

Meal Time

Q&A for Kids: Who has most recently helped you? Did you thank them? (If not, go do it!)

Q&A for Parents: What is something difficult you experienced that you’re grateful for now?

Bed Time

Share about something in your life that hasn’t gone the way you hoped. Whether it is big or small, can you think of things to be grateful for? Make a list of at least ten things you are thankful for right now. Pray together, thanking God and asking Him to give you eyes to see all the good things around you—no matter what is going on in your life.