Our Testimonies

Nigel’s Testimony

All my life I’ve move in church circles but I never really understood grace.

I was charged in 2014 for some things that I did that were wrong..  The ramifications of this were huge on my life.  I found it hard to get employment as my background was in book keeping and financial management and potential employers weren’t willing to trust me because of what I had done.

We were in debt, not knowing how to pay the bills and it felt like we were slipping further and further behind with each passing week.  I have four children, 2 from previous marriages and I was struggling to provide for them.  My self esteem was at an all time low and I couldn’t see a way out.

I applied for a position at Tailrace as the Financial Administrator.

When Tim and Sharon found out about my court case there was an honest conversation but then there was this grace, this offer for a second chance.  An offer for employment, a fresh start, an ability to pay bills and provide for my family.  A belief that I could make a difference to the running of Tailrace and that I could handle the finances with integrity.

The elders walked with me through the court case, they simply trusted me to do my job as a disciple of Jesus.  David Barker, one of the elders asked me all sort of questions about where I was at in my journey with Jesus and I found the questions freed me from having to pretend to living authentically and wholeheartedly.

In not having to hide or to pretend, to have it all together I have tasted grace.  For years I have learned about grace through Alpha and church services.  I had been baptized at one stage but I never really understood grace at a heart level until I truly experienced it.

It’s an amazing gift to be given a job, belief and acceptance in an area where you have mucked up.

For me, I feel like I’m a different person.  I look over my life and it feels like the person who did all those things is another person.

Whilst I’ve hung around churches for decades I struggled to feel the Holy Spirit in me but now I feel and sense His presence at work inside of me.  I sense him nudging me towards forgiveness and to learn to give grace to others.  To pick up my Bible and read it.  To process pain and be real about where I’m at.

I never imagined the peace the Holy Spirit gives when you receive grace.  It sets you free…for a whole new life.