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The Power of Prayer - Tailrace Community Church

The Power of Prayer

By January 13, 2016A2A, Acts 2 DNA

Here’s a great idea to boost your prayer life!

I so much believe in the power of prayer. Some people love praying for people, promises and outcomes day in an day out. I have to confess that I’m not one of those people.

I love praying with the burden and focus that scripture enlightens by the Holy Spirit brings. I love interceding on prayer walks and in times of prayer worship, and  I love the prayer of agreement that comes from praying with others. I love the way that prayer increases my intimacy with God

But I have to admit that I’m someone who struggles with praying through a list daily.

Some people are wired that way, but I’m not, so I need help. Perhaps you might be able to relate to my struggle here. If so, what I’m about to tell you may be revolutionary to your prayer life.

I recently read about a simple way of praying powerfully and consistently for a range of people, and I’ve started doing this. And I’m loving it! Here’s what I have been doing.

First I have written a list numbered 1 to 30. I’m a spreadsheet kind of person, so that is what I’ve used, but a handwritten list would be equally as good.

Second I’ve listed 30 people I want to pray for. One person to match each number in step one above.

Then (third) I’ve committed to praying for the person on the day that matches the number. For example, the third person on the list, I’ll pray for each month on the third.

The next (fourth) step is to contact that person on that day and tell them that I was about to pray for them and wanted to know if they had anything in particular that they wanted me to pray for them about. I’ve been delighted with the prayerful direction and pastoral insights that I’ve been given by doing this.

Fifth, I’ve immediately prayed into these needs. Often I’ve asked people for about their prayer needs by Facebook message, and so I’ll send them a prayer in response by message and assure them that I’ll continue to pray during the day.

Next (sixth) I’ll ask them to let me know how God answers our prayers. This sets the expectation that God will answer our prayers; somehow. And it encourages both the person praying and for the person prayed for when we see and hear about God answering our prayers.

I’ve loved putting together and praying through a prayer calendar like this, and am about to introduce it, bit by bit throughout the church I lead. As I’m preparing to do this, I’m leading the way by doing it myself and delighting in what I’m seeing, I’m excited about the potential to see people throughout the church praying for people within the church and people yet to come to faith. I’m also excited by seeing people knowing that they are being prayed for.

I can imagine prayer in the church as well as for those outside of it becoming like a patchwork quilt where multiple people are regularly contacted about their prayer needs and prayed for by multiple people on a regular basis.

Why not give it a try and start your own prayer calendar? And perhaps we might be like the church in Acts 2 (v43) where everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed that God performed amongst them, as He answered their prayers.